Boys: All-Cape Teams and Awards

First Team

Forward: Matt Brooks, Senior, Sandwich
Forward: Matt Kaski, Senior, Barnstable
Forward: Dawson Prophett, Senior, Bourne
Defense: Steven Megnia, Senior, Barnstable
Defense: Marc Rocheleau, Senior, Falmouth
Goalie: Jack LaCasse, Senior, Bourne

Second Team

Forward: Patrick Coyne, Junior, Falmouth
Forward: Kevin Craig, Sophomore, Barnstable
Forward: Cole Therrien, Junior, Cape Tech/CCA
Defense: Matt Hinckley, Senior, Cape Tech/CCA
Defense: Ari Purdy, Junior, Mashpee/Monomoy
Goalie: Justin Servidori, Senior, Dennis-Yarmouth

Third Team

Forward: Brian Bradley, Senior, Saint John Paul II
Forward: Simon Johnson, Junior, Nantucket
Forward: Joe Hess, Freshman, Bourne
Defense: Jack Harney, Junior, Dennis-Yarmouth
Defense: Rob Lennox, Senior, Sandwich
Goalie: Nico Lynch, Senior, Barnstable

Honorable Mention

Will Amenabar, Defense, Nauset; Tristan Araujo, Forward, Martha’s Vineyard; Dan Black, Defense, Barnstable; Jack Conway, Forward, Dennis-Yarmouth; Jack Daigneault, Goalie, Mashpee/Monomoy; Ryan DiPilato, Forward, Cape Tech/CCA; Brady Doherty, Forward, Sandwich; Max Duce, Forward, Nantucket; Ethan Fey, Defense, Nantucket; Craig Hatfield, Goalie, Sandwich; Tom Hidenfelter, Defense, Bourne; Sawyer Horan, Forward, Saint John Paul II; Matt Schreiner, Forward; Falmouth; Shamus Sullivan, Forward, Nauset; Cam Tobey, Defense, Falmouth


Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Kaski, Barnstable

By Kaski’s standards, this season was probably a disappointment. The senior entered this season with a banged up wrist, developed elbow problems down the stretch of the season, and the Red Raiders fell one point short of qualifying for the postseason.

Matt Kaski leads a late-third period rush into the attacking zone.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Matt Kaski leads a late-third period rush into the attacking zone.

But there is no team that wouldn’t take Kaski, and the 23 points he scored this season. While he fell short of what he tallied his junior campaign (26 points, plus seven postseason points) what the senior accomplished with a season of injuries, while getting the spotlight from the opposition’s defense, the season was still in large part a success.

In terms of creating offense from scratch, there was no one better. The unique combination of blazing speed and a lethal wrist shot was always a threat. The speed through the neutral zone was second to none, and if the puck was three inches lower off his shot, he likely would have doubled his goal total.

It was a disappointing season for the Red Raiders overall, a team that was loaded with talent from the top-line to the back end. A loss to a three-win Needham team on Feb. 18 eliminated the Red Raiders from clinching a postseason berth, and Dartmouth sealed up a back-door qualification by defeating Bridgewater-Raynham a week later.

While it wasn’t the ending that Kaski and the Red Raiders were hoping for, Kaski’s offensive ability can’t be denied.

Kaski finished his career with 63 points.


Defensive Player of the Year: Steve Megnia, Barnstable

For the second year in a row, a Red Raider takes home the annual defensive player of the year. Megnia’s rise began during Barnstable’s postseason run a season ago when Mike McDonough’s missed time with a shoulder injury, prepping Megnia as the top-defender for this season.

Steve Megnia separates Billy Smith from the puck with a big hit deep in the zone in the third period of the Red Raiders 4-1 win over Catholic Memorial. Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Steve Megnia separates Billy Smith from the puck with a big hit deep in the zone in the third period of the Red Raiders 4-1 win over Catholic Memorial.

In his first year a top the depth chart, Megnia did not disappoint, anchoring a solid blue line along with sophomore Dan Black. The two played contrasting styles of defense, as Megnia was the hard-hitting defender while the much smaller Black relied on his smarts.

While Megnia missed the final three games of the season, a loss that may have cost the Red Raiders a postseason berth, his presence was felt throughout the season on the ice.

He only notched five assists on the season, and went without a goal, but a defender’s effectiveness isn’t decided by his point total, but rather keeping the opposing offense away from the net.

Megnia made goaltender Nico Lynch’s job much easier, as offenses thought twice before entering the slot looking for a rebound or setting a screen.

The UMass lacrosse commit finished his career with 12 points.


Rookie of the Year: Joe Hess, Bourne

The Canalmen had some big shoes to fill on the top-line this season, and had a good start with Dawson Prophett back for his senior season. But Bourne needed that one addition dimension to compliment Prophett on the top-line and Joe Hess more than delivered.

Bourne's Joe Hess battles with Dighton-Rehoboth/Seekonk's Anderson Lapierre in the second period.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Bourne’s Joe Hess battles with Dighton-Rehoboth/Seekonk’s Anderson Lapierre in the second period.

Bourne’s top-line has a reputation of being a highly touted scoring unit over the past few years, and with the addition of Hess this season, they once again lived up to that expectation.

Hess was second on the team in both goals (11) and points (19), and along with Connor Torpey, the first line combined for 73 points, nearly half of the Canalmen’s offensive output.

While the Canalmen will be losing some talent this season to graduation, the future does look bright with Hess, and his brother, Max, who scored seven points this season.


Player of the Year: Jack LaCasse, Bourne

There may be no better goaltender over the last few years that has embraced his role as captain better than LaCasse. Sure, at the end of the day, the senior’s job was to stop pucks from entering the net, a job he was very good at, but his role on the ice was much larger than that.

Jack LaCasse stones Kam Silvia on a third-period breakaway, one of his 32 saves on the afternoon. Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Jack LaCasse stones Kam Silvia on a third-period breakaway, one of his 32 saves on the afternoon.

LaCasse was full of confidence in his own play from the moment he hit the ice, and used that to stir his team to life. There was never a dull moment when the senior was between the pipes, whether it be some extra curricular chit chat with the opposition, or the communication with his defensive pairings throughout the game.

LaCasse can certainly rub opponents the wrong way, but in the game of hockey, there is no player that isn’t guilty of this trait. There is one moment that stands out to me above the rest.

Earlier this season, the Canalmen lost to another local team on a last-minute breakaway goal. No one in the building was more upset at the goal than LaCasse, as he felt he let his team down. But sure enough, 21 seconds later he lined up and shook the hand of the player who scored that goal.

Fast-forward nine days later. The Canalmen faced off with the same team again on the road, and this time LaCasse picked up the 22-save shutout in a 3-0 victory. In the postgame handshake line, the same player who scored the game-winner a week earlier avoided LaCasse. That didn’t sit well and the goaltender confronted him, demanding a handshake since he “had to shake his hand after allowing a game-winning breakaway.”

Bourne's Jack LaCasse makes a save on Jordan Schemenaur in the second period of the Canal Cup.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Bourne’s Jack LaCasse makes a save on Jordan Schemenaur in the second period of the Canal Cup.

At the time, I didn’t think much of what I assumed to be an unnecessary confrontation but after learning the facts, I respected the move. That is exactly the kind of attitude you want from a captain. Someone who takes charge and demands respect, whether it is from his own team or the opposition.

Obviously, this one anecdote is just a small reason that LaCasse earned this accolade. At the end of the day, it’s the play on the ice that earns this award, and LaCasse has been one of the best goaltenders over the past four years. After winning the starting gig his freshman year, beating out a senior at the time, the net was his for his career.

There may be no better goaltender who goes post-to-post better than LaCasse, and he was one of the best against the breakaway. The senior was quick to get down in the butterfly and sealed off everything that was low to the ground, but also has a quick glove.

He allowed just over two goals a game this season, stopping pucks at over a 91 percent clip and earned two shutouts. He could have earned more, but in a handful of games, LaCasse gave way to what is assumed to be next season’s goaltender in Nick Newbold, in the third period


Coach of the Year: Jordan Mohre, Sandwich

It is hard to imagine that just a season ago, the Blue Knights won two games, one of which was the season opener against Martha’s Vineyard. The team had the talent, starting with Matt Brooks and Brady Doherty up front and Craig Hatfield in net. However, the team just couldn’t put it together.

But from the opening day of tryouts this season, it was apparent that the mood in the Sandwich locker room did a 180-degree swing, with Mohre leading charge. The 2015 season was put in the rearview mirror, and a positive attitude was quickly installed.

With the core of last season’s team returning, the Blue Knights turned that 2-12-4 record into a postseason qualifying team this season, winning both the Judy Kostas Tournament and the Canal Cup in the process.

In terms of ‘X’s and O’s,’ Mohre is one of the best at making in game adjustments. He’s constantly in communication with his captains about the game plan, what he wants his forwards to do on the ice and keeping his defense on the same page.

In his eighth season as coach of the Blue Knights, Mohre has Sandwich back on the upswing. But with 10 seniors this season, we’ll have to wait and see what sort of magic Mohre can maneuver next year.

Girls: All-Cape Teams and Awards

First Team

Forward: Ericka Meissner, Junior, Falmouth
Forward: Callie Rogorzenski, Senior, Barnstable
Forward: Shannon Upton, Junior, Falmouth
Defense: Margaret Ready, Senior, Barnstable
Defense: Hannah Callahan, Senior Falmouth
Goalie: Delanie Corcoran, Freshman, Sandwich

Second Team

Forward: Rachael Curtis, Sophomore, Falmouth
Forward: Brynn Mendes, Junior, Barnstable
Forward: Taylor McDowell, Senior, Dennis-Yarmouth
Defense: Blue Fancy, Sophomore, Nauset/Cape Tech/Monomoy
Defense: Summer Walsh, Sophomore, Dennis-Yarmouth
Goalie: Emily Marciello, Sophomore, Falmouth

Third Team

Forward: Amanda Crowley, Sophomore, Dennis-Yarmouth
Forward: Caroline Coyne, Eighth Grade, Falmouth
Forward: Georgie Snow, Eighth Grade, Sandwich
Defense: Kate Towey, Senior, Sandwich
Defense: Shannon Roycroft, Sophomore, Barnstable
Goalie: MiKayla Bestford, Sophomore, Barnstable


Honorable Mention

Brooke Bowman, Defense, Falmouth; Danielle Derosier, Forward; Leah Hidenfelter, Forward, B/M/W/ORR; Natalia Gordon, Defense, B/M/W/ORR; Lily Holmes, Defense, Dennis-Yarmouth; Kileigh Holt, Forward, Sandwich; Meghan Moore, Forward, Barnstable; Tannah O’Brien, Forward, B/M/W/ORR; Lucy Reid, Goalie, Dennis-Yarmouth; Meghan Sonia, Forward, Martha’s Vineyard; Caroline Spalt, Forward, Barnstable; Tara Stocker, Forward, Dennis-Yarmouth.


Offensive Player of the Year: Shannon Upton, Falmouth

Sure, Upton was a first-line forward for the Falmouth Clippers during their 2015 State Championship season. But that doesn’t mean that her job was to find the back of the net.

Falmouth's Shannon Upton leads a rush out of her own zone in the third period.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Falmouth’s Shannon Upton leads a rush out of her own zone in the third period.

Rather, Upton and her linemates drew the responsibility of shutting down the opposition’s top-line, a skill that they were very, very good at. Upton was ninth in points on the Clippers last season, scoring just two goals and tallying 10 points on the season.

But now a year later, we know that Upton is pretty good at scoring goals too.

It was a rocky start to the Clippers this season, not exactly surprising given that they lost nine seniors, and two underclassmen and their head coach. But it is no coincidence that Falmouth’s season began to turn when Upton began heating up (Also credit the play of sophomore goaltender Emily Marciello for the mid-season turnaround).

Upton has the offensive skill set of speed and accuracy to be a constant threat on the ice, but also features a unique quality in the ability to get under the skin of the opposition. That goes a long way in the brutal schedule the Clippers play year after year.

In a surprising 1-1 tie with Barnstable in late January, Upton was a constant thorn in the side of the Red Raiders, drawing penalties late in the third and scoring the game-tying goal in the final five minutes.

Upton was third on the team with 19 points, but led the team with 11 goals, which was also good for third on Cape.

That second half surge also carried over into the postseason, where Upton’s two-goal performance sparked Falmouth to a 5-2 preliminary round victory over a battle tested Fontbonne squad.

She kept the pace up in the season-ending loss at Pembroke, with two more goals and an assist, which included a penalty shot goal.


Defensive Player of the Year: Delanie Corcoran, Sandwich

Typically, this is an award I prefer to give to a true blue liner, but lets be honest here, Corcoran was the defense for the Blue Knights this season. In her first season as full-time goalie between the pipes, Corcoran gave her team the chance to win every game they played.

Sandwich goalie Delanie Corcoran safelty plays a puck.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Sandwich goalie Delanie Corcoran safelty plays a puck.

No goaltender saw as many shots as Corcoran, with 605 pucks coming her way over the course of the 22-game season. Aside from the Furies’ Molly McKenna, no goaltender came with 150 shots of that mark.

It is not only her ability to stop shots that won her this award, but her fundamental positioning and rebound control further cemented her spot as the best defensive player this season.

Sandwich won six games this season, as the Blue Knight featured a roster with 12 eighth-graders and freshman. In those six victories, each one required a shutout form Corcoran, portraying just how important she was to the team. Essentially, the way the season played out, if Corcoran gave up a goal, the Blue Knights were not going to win a game.

This season was a learning experience for the young Sandwich squad, and with Corcoran as the backbone of the Blue Knights for the foreseeable future, the sky is the limit over the next three years.


Rookie of the Year: Caroline Coyne, Falmouth

The Cape was loaded with young talent across the board this season and there was a handful of players that could have come away with this award. Any one of Sandwich’s young trio of forwards, or Barnstable’s eighth grade forward Rachel Dwyer, or even Dennis-Yarmouth defender Lily Holmes.

Falmouth's Caroline Coyne skates the puck out of her defensive zone in their loss to Barnstable.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Falmouth’s Caroline Coyne skates the puck out of her defensive zone in their loss to Barnstable.

But the award goes to the linemate of the offensive player of the year in eighth-grader Caroline Coyne.

From day one, Coyne was a constant and consistent forward and came through at some of the biggest moments of the season. She may not have had that “breakout” performance, but was always in the mix, and that is a impressive trait for an eighth grader in one of the top leagues in the state.

Perhaps her biggest moment of the season came in the third period of Falmouth’s first round tilt with Pembroke in the Div. 2 playoffs. Moments after Pembroke regained a 3-2 lead late in the third period, Coyne tied the game on a breakaway.

Coyne is another player that has a limitless future at Falmouth, and with the entire line returning next season, Coyne is poised for a breakout season. In fact, five of the six forward from the Clippers will be returning next season. Don’t count out Jaqueline Tallino (freshman) and Caroline Larsson (eighth grade) from making a big impact either in the future.

Coyne finished with nine goals and 16 points this season, good for eighth on Cape.


Player of the Year: Callie Rogorzenski, Barnstable

For the last three season’s, Callie Rogorzenski has been at the heart of the Red Raider offense, so it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that the senior had yet another dominant year.

Callie Rogorzenski skates past Sandwich's Annabelle White.Phil Garceau /CapeHockeyHub

Callie Rogorzenski skates past Sandwich’s Annabelle White.

But coming off an ACL injury last spring, this season was anything but a sure thing.

It certainly was a slow start for Rogorzenski this season, who looked like a shell of her former self when the season began back in December. If was just a further setback for the Red Raiders who were in search of an identity following the graduation of two dynamite defensemen and a dynamic forward from the season previous.

As the anchor of the first-line, a majority of Barnstable’s hopes hinged on the senior’s knee and while it was a slot start, Rogorzenski slowly but surely began to return to form.

Her coming out party was a hat-trick performance against Whitman-Hanson/Silver Lake on January 27th and from there the goals began to fall. As the point girl on the power play unit, her hard shot paired up with traffic and screens in front was a nightmare scenario for opposing goaltenders.

Just as she was during her sophomore season, Rogorzenski was a force in the postseason again this year, leading local skaters with five points in two games (along with Upton and linemate Brynn Mendes). Barnstable gave top-seeded Arlington Catholic their closest game of the postseason, prior to it’s loss in the Div. 1 state championship loss to Austin Prep on Sunday.

Rogorzenski led all skaters during the regular season in goals (16) and points (24) and finished her senior campaign with a total of 29 points.

Rogorzenski finished with 94 career points.


Coach of the Year: John Shaw, Dennis-Yarmouth

Another toss up decision that could have gone a number of ways. What Brian Ferreira did with Falmouth in his first year at the helm of the Clippers, with a revamped roster is certainly impressive.

But how about the program that Shaw has built at Dennis-Yarmouth in just his second year behind the bench. Shaw took over for former Barnstable superstar Stephanie Scarpatto following the 2014 season, and while it took a season, he has D-Y trending in the right direction.

Shaw knows what he has on the ice, and did a terrific job game planning around that skill level. With no natural goal scorer, he preached traffic in front of the net, setting screens, pouncing on rebounds and tipping shots on the way in. His team bought into the philosophy. Tara Stocker shot up the local leaderboards this season by being in the right position at the right time.

Defensively, with a young core of defenders in Summer Walsh and Lily Holmes, along with freshman goaltender Lucy Reid, the game plan was to keep shots to the perimeter and again the team executed. Lucy Reid had the best GAA of all goaltenders on Cape this season and saw the fewest amount of shots.

It was a season of firsts for D-Y, as it knocked off Sandwich (twice) for the first time in the program’s history, won the Judy Kostas Tournament and hosted a home playoff game. With the graduation of just three seniors this season, look for D-Y to be back at it again next year.

Annual SEMGHL All-Star Game Slated for Saturday

As the regular season has come to a close, and three locals teams awaiting their postseason seeding, the time has come for the annual SEMGHL All Star game.

Over 90 skaters from the four divisions of the SEMGHL will take to the ice on Saturday, February 27th at 6:00 P.M. at Gallo Ice Arena. All stars from the Southeast will matchup with the Northeast and the Coastal will take on the West. Admission to the event is $5.

Between the seven locals squads, 20 skaters will represent the Cape & Islands.

* – Denotes multiple SEMGHL All-Star honors in career



Danielle Derosier – Forward – Junior

Callie Rogorzenski* – Forward – Senior

Shannon Roycroft – Defense – Sophomore

Amanda Piknick* – Forward – Senior



Natalia Gordon* – Defense – Senior

Tannah O’Brien – Forward/Defense – Junior



Amanda Crowley – Forward –Sophomore

Taylor McDowell – Forward – Senior

Summer Walsh – Defense – Sophomore



Hannah Callahan* – Defense – Senior

Emily Marciello – Goaltender – Sophomore

Ericka Meissner – Forward – Junior

Shannon Upton – Forward – Junior


Martha’s Vineyard

Kylie Hatt – Defense – Junior

Jackie Hegarty – Goaltender – Senior


Nauset/Cape Tech/Monomoy

Brianna Cowing – Forward – Junior

Blue Fancy* – Defense – Sophomore



Delanie Corcoran – Goaltender – Freshman

Christina O’Neil – Forward – Senior

Kate Towey – Defense – Senior

Bourne Hockey Alumni to play Bruins Alumni to honor Ryan Kent

BOURNE, Mass. – The Bourne Canalmen Hockey Alumni have announced a benefit game against the Boston Bruins Alumni Team to honor former Canalmen hockey player Ryan Kent and benefit his scholarship fund.

The game is scheduled for 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, October 3rd at Gallo Ice Arena, the building Kent called home during his four years at Bourne High School. Tickets are $10 and can be bought in advance or at the door and will benefit the Ryan Kent Scholarship Fund.

Kent was arguably one of the best forwards to come through the ranks of the Bourne hockey program, leading the Canalmen to a pair of Div. 3 State Championship appearances, winning one in 2004. Kent played a critical role in that championship victory, scoring once and assisting on two other goals, including the overtime game-winner in Bourne’s 3-2 victory over powerhouse Marlboro.

Kent finished his glorious career with 118 points (44 goals, 74 assists) ranking top-10 in Bourne history, along with 46-6-3 record over his final two seasons.

However, in 2009, just five years after graduation from Bourne High School, Kent was diagnosed with a brain-tumor, setting in motion six difficult years of chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials and a pair of brain surgeries.

Determined to “Never give up,” Kent fought through the tumors, marrying best friend and soul mate, Whitney Kent, and had two daughters, Carley (3) and Taylor (2).

After six years of fighting, Kent succumbed to his lengthy battle and passed away on July 22, 2015.

The Ryan Kent Scholarship Fund was established to honor Kent. Ryan was a devoted father, husband, son, brother, friend and outstanding member of the Bourne community. Anyone who knew Ryan knew his tumor would not stop him and he would “Never Give Up.” In the six years of fighting, he made it look easy and lived life with no regrets and lived life to the fullest. His strength and courage will leave a footprint in all the hearts he touched and will be forever missed.

The Ryan Kent Scholarship Fund was created to help Bourne High graduates continue on with their college dreams. The students must demonstrate a time in their life when they faced a challenge in which they would “Never Give Up.”

On Saturday, October 3rd, the Canalmen Hockey Alumni and other members of the Bourne community will take to the ice as the Bourne All Stars in honor of Kent against the Bruins Alumni team. The Bruins Alumni Team is made up former players such as Jay Miller, Ray Bourque, Rick Middleton, Bob Sweeny, Terry O’Reilly and many other former Bruin greats.

For those who can’t make the event, donations can still be made to the scholarship fund. Contact Whitney Kent at wkent14@gmail.com for more information.